Preventing Coronavirus

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Because of the recent coronavirus outbreak, we have received questions about what we are doing to keep our facilities clean in order to prevent the spread of viruses. 

Proper disinfection of our buildings has always been part of our daily cleaning routines. Custodians are now being extra diligent to clean and disinfect high touch zones multiple times a day.

High touch zones might include door handles, light switches, product dispensers, stall doors, phones, office counters and computer keyboards.
In addition, kitchen staff are also sanitizing high touch spots at least 3 times every day. Likewise, bus drivers are disinfecting bus seats, the backs of bus seats, bar handles, and other common touch points.

Handwashing with soap and warm water is the most effective way to prevent the spread of viruses. All students are being encouraged and directed to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly. Signs encouraging hand washing and instructing on how to properly wash hands are being posted.

We continue to follow the lead and recommendations of our local health authorities.

Do you have questions about proper cleaning and washing to prevent the spread of the virus at your home or office? Visit this Multnomah County Health Department site: