DDSD’s Reading and Math Assessments for CDL

School Information

Dear DDSD Parents and Guardians,

An important step for teachers is to understand your student’s most essential learning needs. To collect this valuable information, students will take an online reading assessment. The assessment results will not be used for grading students or for school accountability purposes. 

Normally, the reading and mathematics test is taken in the classroom setting, but because of distance learning, students will take this assessment at home. The tentative schedule for grades 2-5 is below; assessments for Kindergarten and 1st grade are still forthcoming.

  • Grade 3-5 (Reading Inventory): October 8 – 15
  • Grade 2 (Foundational Reading): October 12 – 16
  • Grade 2-5 (Math Inventory): October 26-30

Students will use their devices at home to log in to a website to take their assessments.  Please make sure before your student begins the assessments these guidelines are followed:

  • Find a quiet space, free from distractions.
  • The assessment should be done independently; no help from parents or siblings, please.
  • If students ask for help, encourage them to do their best. Please do not read any portion of the assessment to or for your student. Please make sure students work independently throughout the test.

Further information will be provided about when the test will be given, how students can access the test, and how results will be shared from your homeroom teacher. The results will not be used for grading students. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you!

In Service with Kids,
Michael Cruz
Principal || Mill Park Elementary School
Ph: 503-256-6507×8420
Pronouns: he/him; they/them